Saturday, 12 January 2013

No gapps package for playstore.

I tried many custom roms for my phone but the most stable one i found didn't have Playstore. One solution that i had was to flash gapps package corresponding to my rom via clockwork recovery. But that gapps package was sized around 85mbs. I can't waste my phone's precious internal memory for a playstore worth 85mbs and having other crap gapps which i do not use. I tried everything like manually installing playstore apk, modding gapps package...nothing worked. then i found a solution. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download latest available Playstore apk file. Simply google it.
  2. Download the Gapps package (don't panic) corresponding to your rom.
  3. Navigate through that gapps package and extract the apk file GoogleServicesFramework. You can also find playstore apk here  :-).
  4. Move both these apk files using any root browser to the folder /system/app/
  5. Rename playstore as 'Vending.apk' and the later file as 'GoogleServicesFramework.apk'
  6. Change the permissions of these two apks using any root browser as "tick Read for owner, group ,others and tick Write for owner only".  
  7. Restart your phone.
  8. Done. Your phone now have playstore without having to flash gapps.
This worked for me, let me know about you. Thanks.

Gaurav Mantri


  1. Thank You
    It works wonderfull in my Lenovo s960

    1. Please may I know which ROM you installed and the corresponding gapps download link I tried it with two downloaded gapps yet play store keeps crashing like before. I updated my Lenovo S960 using VIBEUI_1.5_1427_2_ST_S960 since then I have not been able to install playstore or gapps.
      I will be really grateful if you can assist me.
      Thanks in advance

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  4. Says Google play services stopped working help

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